Outlander Torcall Iverson – Sony Pictures / Brian Kelly

Night Kaleidoscope Harry – On Set Digital / Grant McPhee

Skeletons DCI Thomson Black Box / Craig-James Moncur

I can’t be Kaspar Military Man Bosie Ltd / Josh Loftin

Cloud Atlas Literary Critic Anarchos / Marcelo d’Oliviera

The Taxidermist Father RSAMD / Charlotte Carden

BAFTA New Talent, *Winner*

Pigs Flying Pink Curtis JLS / Samir Mehanovic

Laid Off Starer UK Film Council / Zam Salim

Phillipa’s Tail Conrad Bitter Blue / Paul Maguire

The City Sleeps Roman Cyrus Kent / Evan Goldman

Shetland Lone Star Narrator Hopscotch Films / Brian Ross

Flashed Mahler ECA Films / Julian Krubasik

BAFTA New Talent, *Nomination

Operation Fu**up Kenny Independent / Jordan Karr-Morse

Borders Lullaby Wanderer Two 7’s Clash / Tim Brinkhurst

Kynas Gamma Nyota Films / Stephanos Pavlakis

Trace Elliot Isaac Thorn Scratchback / Imran Wali



The Comic Destiny Young Man Lazzi Arts / David WW Johnstone

Theseus and the Minotaur Theseus The Elements / Corinne Harris

Dead Souls Chichikov/Gogol Lazzi Arts / David WW Johnstone

The Cherry Orchard Epihodov Theatre Alba / Charles Nowosielski

Road to Recovery John Tyne Park Voice / Anne Lannan

Toast Various Moving Parts / Fiona Scott

The Old Woman … Jack The Elements / Corinne Harris

The Magic Quest Tumshie Theatre Alba / Clunie Mackenzie

Headless in Eden Adam The Elements / Corinne Harris

Letter from Death Row William Kluge Spartaki / Helen-Marie Burns

The Tempest Caliban Theatre Alba / Charles Nowosielski

Will Shu Steve Playwrights Studio / Alison Peebles

Dr Dog Dr Dog Dogdaze Theatre / John Haswell



Musician – Electric Bass, Highly proficient; Bass Player for Portobello Ceilidh Band

Guitar, Competent, often played in Theatre performances

Highly experienced – improvisation/roleplay

Experienced – collaboration/script development, Marketing, Social Media, Assistant

Editing, Producing



RSAMD – Masters

Lucida Lab – Training through production with Corinne Harris

Lazzi Arts – Training in preparation for solo and collaborative performance



Height: 5’10” Eyes: Blue

Weight: 145 lbs Hair: Light Brown

07886 355580

Spotlight 1416 5618 1583

Representation Stiven Christie Management